Federica Mogherini al Consorzio Ue per il disarmo

Il contributo speciale dell’Alto rappresentante Federica Mogherini apre la prima newsletter del Consorzio europeo per la non proliferazione e il disarmo, curata dall’Istituto Affari Internazionali.

Il Consorzio europeo per la non proliferazione e il disarmo è l’organo decisionale e di coordinamento di una più estesa rete di think tank – oltre sessanta in tutto il mondo – impegnati nel campo della non-proliferazione. Quest’anno il Consiglio dell’Ue ne ha rinnovato il mandato, accogliendo l’Istituto Affari Internazionali tra i suoi sei membri.


Il messaggio dell’Alto rappresentante Federica Mogherini in apertura della Newsletter:

In times of global uncertainty, the European Union has become a global point of reference for all those who believe in non-proliferation and multilateralism. Our partners know where we stand. They know we are an honest broker, and we will always seek win-win solutions to preserve peace and security. And they know we have world-class expertise on non-proliferation – also thanks to the work of the European Network of Independent NonProliferation and Disarmament think-tanks. Independent analyses and recommendations are an essential contribution to our policy-making, so I am glad that the Council decided to extend our support to the network, also as a contribution to the implementation of the EU Strategy against proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. This is a delicate moment for the global non-proliferation regime. The United States have decided to unilaterally re-impose sanctions on Iran, after their withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action – a multilateral agreement endorsed by the UN Security Council. Our European strategic and security interest is clearly to save the nuclear deal. So we have reacted decisively to protect both our security interests and our economic sovereignty. This is also an incentive for Iran to continue comply with its nuclear restrictions. Any alternative could have tragic consequences – and it would make all of us less secure, both in Europe, in the United States and in the Middle East. Let us not forget: the nuclear deal with Iran has prevented a nuclear arms race in one of the most fragile regions in the world; it has ensured that Iran cannot acquire a nuclear weapon; it has brought economic benefits to the people of Iran; and it has opened new channels for diplomacy and dialogue. Preserving the deal is in everyone’s interest. Preserving the deal is also essential to the credibility of multilateral diplomacy and the global nonproliferation regime. This is even more important as talks on the North Korean nuclear programme are ongoing. We have always believed that sustainable peace requires a complete, verifiable and irreversible de-nuclearisation of the Korean peninsula. The path will not be easy and negotiations could take time. But this is the only way to achieve an agreement that can stand the test of time. So our policy of “critical engagement” is more valid than ever. The European Union keeps standing for maximum pressure on North Korea, as we support the diplomatic track with all possible means. Only diplomacy and dialogue can advance the cause of non-proliferation. We will continue to put our unparalleled expertise to the service of peace. From the Middle East to Asia-Pacific, from conventional to nuclear weapons, the European Union is playing its part. We owe it to our citizens and we owe it to the world. Federica Mogherini