Analisi di ricercatori IAI sulla politica estera della Turchia

23 Lug 2010

Quaderni IAI:

Turkey and European Security (IAI-TESEV Report), edited by Giovanni Gasparini, February 2007, 106 pp. (Quaderni IAI. English series, 8)

Conditionality, Impact and Prejudice in EU-Turkey Relations (IAI-TEPAV Report) / Nathalie Tocci ed., IAI, July 2007, 154 pp. (Quaderni IAI. English series, 9)

Talking Turkey in Europe: Towards a Differentiated Communication Strategy / by Nathalie Tocci ed., IAI, December 2008, 283 pp. (Quaderni IAI. English series, 13)

Altre pubblicazioni: 

A neighborhood rediscovered : Turkey’s transatlantic value in the Middle East / Nathalie Tocci [et al.], The German Marshall Fund of the United States, March 2010, 28 p. (Brussels Forum paper series)

Turkey’s Constitutional Dilemma and EU Ambitions / Emiliano Alessandri and Omer Taspinar, Washington, The Brookings Institution Center on the United States and Europe, 30 April 2010, 5 p. (US-Europe analysis ; 46)

Getting to Zero. Turkey, Its Neighbors and the West / Nathalie Tocci [et al.],Washington, The Transatlantic Academy, 3 June 2010, 47 pp.

A Question of Interest and Vision. Southern European Perspectives on Turkey’s Relations with the European Union / Emiliano Alessandri, Washington, The Brookings Institution, 30 June 2010, 20 p. (Foreign policy paper ; 21)